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Democracy functions best when the most people participate

Democracy functions best when the most people participate. This November, vote Yes on Measure D for Democracy.
The Full Voter Participation Act, Measure D, ensures big decisions are made by a majority of voters.

San Diego County’s current system allows candidates to win elections in the June primary, when as few as 30% of voters participate.

Elections should be decided in the general election, when far more voters participate.

more voters = better decisions

About the Full Voter Participation Act

Increase Accountability

Many San Diego County politicians stay in office for decades because they get re-elected in low-turnout primary elections. Measure D will promote more competitive elections and ensure officials are more accountable to ALL of their constituents.

Give Voters More Voice

Measure D would guarantee that our most important decisions are made in the November elections when almost 80 percent of people vote, rather than in June primary elections when as few as 30 percent do.

Close the County Loophole

Most San Diego County voters are unaware that our most important elections often end in the June primary because of an outdated election law that gives special interests more influence. Measure D closes the loophole.

Simplify Elections

Today, the County uses a different runoff process than we use to elect the Governor, state legislators, members of Congress, and City of San Diego officials. Measures D eliminates voter confusion caused by using a different process for County elections.

Let’s make sure our important decisions are made when most people vote. Democracy functions best when the most people vote, and that is in November.
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bipartisan support


NBA Hall of Famer Bill Walton

Mel Katz

Business Leader

Kyra R. Greene, PhD

Executive Director, Center on Policy Initiatives/Policy Action

Scott Barnett

President, San Diego Taxpayers Advocate

Todd Gloria

Assembly Member

Pam Slater-Price

San Diego County Supervisor, 1992-2013
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democracy functions best when the most people participate

Primary vs. General Election Turnout

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